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Endless Slope Sofia

An indoor skiing and snowboarding simulator is an effective, safe and convenient way for both children and adults to learn or improve their skiing or snowboarding skills. And it is also so much fun. Therefore you may consider it no matter whether you never set foot on snow or you would like to make some final adjustments before going for the Olympic gold.

The endless slope allows you to optimize your learning process as you enjoy a constant descent without relying on lifts and waiting in queues to get on. Although it cannot substitute the real mountain sensation, it provides a very similar practical experience. And the best thing is that you can do it all year round, not wasting good, fresh snow to get the basics but prepare in advance and enjoy your time in the mountain from the first day of the fresh powder.

Balance, strength and control are learned by practice and experience. Regular trainings refine your skills and strengthen your muscles. The simulator provides the opportunity to learn and train your carving, edging, steering, pressuring and balance on skis or snowboard. It allows skiers and snowboarders to experience very similar (if not superior) muscle workout as on the slope while building up the skills needed to enjoy and freely move on snow.

CARVE indoor skiing and snowboarding center is located on 52, Kosta Lulchev str. in Sofia, Bulgaria. Everybody is welcome to come by for a visit or free consultation.

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