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Accessories Guide

The article describes the key accessories and other useful stuff for an even further enhancement of your experience in the mountain.

Quality apparel is of key importance for enjoying a warm and safe time out on the slopes. However we should not underestimate some important accessories and gadgets some of which are a must while in the mountain while others are just a caprice. In this article we are reviewing both.

  • Hat – usually a must for every skier or snowboarder. Even in warm and sunny days it is a good idea to have your head covered as when you go down the slope, the wind hits you right in the forehead. Moreover with the latest trends and crazy models that were released in the past couple of years, wearing a fancy hat with artificial hair on top or with a dragon’s tail behind may be both fun and a good fashion accessory
  • Gloves – another must for everyday mountain experience. Cold fingers may be the cause for early heading home so do not underestimate this valuable accessory. Here you should be also careful and look for items with high waterproof rating that fits you well. There are 2-finger and 5-finger models and the choice is yours but usually the 5-finger models provide a better grip and feeling when holding the pole. For snowboarders again it allows for better grip of the board when you bring it around. And always keep in mind that you will have to go up with the lift and while you may not be cold while going down the slope, the chances increase significantly when you are sitting comfortable in the lift chair, especially if it is from the open type
  • Thermo underwear and socks – good, warm socks are definitely a must. Check the thickness and length and similarly to the cold fingers on the hands, it may easily be the fingers on your legs. Underwear is a good idea for particularly cold days when even the warmest jackets and pants can’t do the job on their own.
  • Helmet – while it may be considered uncool, this item may be a life or injury-saver. It is a personal choice in the end as you may feel a helmet restricts your vision or suppresses you, but you may think twice after your first decent head or neck bang. If you opt safe (and smart) and decide to go for it, make sure to select a reputable one with the relevant EC marking and proven track record. Avoid the cheap and unbranded options as well as second hand items as they can often do more harm than good. You may feel secure and try to push your limits while in the same time what you put on your head is just a crappy, light plastic with good vision but very limited protection.  
  • Goggles – the necessary evil if you want to keep your eyes open and use them for the long future. They will protect you from the UV rays that can damage your eyes and also from the snowflakes that will be trying to turn you blind. When selecting goggles, the key choice to make is what colour lens to buy. Some models allow you to easily exchange lenses so you can be more flexible but in general most will be fixed. The red lens is kind of a good choice for universal conditions. Black or mirrored lenses offer great protection from bright sunshine but perform rather poor in flat light. For gloomy and cloudy days with flat light conditions, opt for a clear of light orange lens. Polarized lens will provide you with better visibility. Last but not least, check the ventilation system of the goggles in order to avoid stopping every 50 meters to clear out the steam – it can be quite annoying.
  • Sun Block Cream (high factor) – surprisingly for many but actually very logical if you think about it. In the mountain you get a double exposure to the harmful sun rays – once coming directly from the sun and twice reflected from the snow and getting right back at ya. Additionally the altitude is much higher that the sea level and hence the sun is stronger. Therefore arm yourself with a quality sun cream with high UV protection in order to avoid becoming the ‘red crab’ among your friends.

Similarly to the apparel, you can find variety of these products online or in the local ski or snowboard shops. Choose wisely and get out there quickly. The snow won’t be here forever.