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Social Awareness

Inspired by the magical Rhodope Mountain, we deeply appreciate and treasure its spectacular nature, local traditions and beautiful legends. United by these common values, our team founded the SnowCamp Foundation. Its key goals are fostering nature preservation and respecting and keeping local traditions and customs as well as passing our core values and love for the mountain and nature to the younger generations. We have been pursuing these goals by focusing on 2 main courses of action:   

  • Activities with abandoned children from the local orphanage ‘Katya Vancheva’. Being at a huge disadvantage to their peers of the same age, these children have extremely limited opportunities to get in touch with the winter sports. Therefore we aim at bringing the snowy mountain closer to them so they can also feel the thrill of skiing or snowboarding
  • Nature preservation and enhancement of our local environment. We have never understood how come there are people who so easily throw their garbage on the green grass or in the deep forest. And yet, we can see significant amounts of waste around us. Hence an important goal of our Foundation is to keep the nature and the mountain clean by organizing cleanups of polluted areas. Additionally we feel responsible for the sustainable conservation of the nature and engage in planting trees and ensuring suitable conditions for the wildlife.