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1. Mihail (Misho) 

Growing up in the foothills of one of the most beautiful mountains on the Balkan Peninsula – The Rodophe Mountain – I have learned to love and appreciate its precious gifts – beautiful nature, clean air and amazing conditions for winter sports. My passion for skiing is huge and hard to explain with words. I know every inch of the ski slopes and every venue that will make your day/night life unforgettable. I have a class ‘A’ license for skiing teacher and I can entertain you in English.


And why I do it?

Many people know that skiing gives freedom and joy and creates unforgettable moments and memories with your close friends. I got addicted to those feelings a long time ago and I have already shared my skills and experience with other people. I would like to share my experience with you. Come and visit us!

2. Zlatka

I love the sunny weather, crystal air, snowy peaks and beautiful slopes that my region offers to me and my friends every winter. Skiing here is a passion that I just can’t resist to. And I don’t. This is my home, my dreamland and I can be your guide during your adventure in the Rhodope Mountain. I can entertain you in English and German.


And why I do it?

Every time when I feel the wind in my hair, I know that I want it more and more. Fun and pleasure are to be shared. And I want to share with you my experience and all the emotions during your Snowcamp in our amazing mountain. Come and feel it!

3. Georgi (Snowman) 

Born just a few kilometers from Pamporovo winter resort, I could say I first started skiing and then walking. After 12 years on the ski, I could not resist and tried snowboarding as well. It provided me with a very different experience (not better or worse) and since then I became a devoted freerider, maybe sometimes pushing the limits a little bit too much. I have a class ‘A’ license for snowboard teacher and can entertain you in English, Italian, Russian and increasingly in Portuguese.

IMG_2321Board jumping 1.0

And why I do it?

Because I am one of those people who feel they belong up on the slope (and into the forest) and everything else stops to matter once I am there. This special feeling of freedom and peace is priceless. You won’t regret if you allow me and my friends to share this moment with you!

4. Petio

I have been skiing since I was 2. Since then my passion for this sport is taking a huge part of my life. However no other type of skiing is so attractive for me as the one in virgin forests, steep and high mountain slopes – the so called free ride and backcountry skiing. We have excellent conditions for practising the backcountry skiing in my homeland. I love our mountains and free riding on their slopes. I feel wonderful being there with my ski.

Nevertheless everybody knows happiness is bigger when shared. That’s why I want to share the beauty of my home mountains and the pleasure of skiing there with other people, united by the same passion. Therefore I invite you to join me for a unique backcountry adventure @ our Snowcamp.