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Our Mission

Our mission is to pass forward the excitement of winter sports and to promote the beautiful Bulgarian nature.

The motivation to create the Snowcamp came from Love. Love for the mountain, for the sport, for sharing the great experiences in life with like-minded people. Being devoted mountaineers ourselves, our goal is to bring together different people from different countries and cultures but united by their values and interests. We strive to not only teach other people to ski or snowboard but make the experience an unforgettable adventure where to meet new, easy-going people, explore local culture and traditions and by the time leaving, to feel it was all worth it and you do not want it to end.

All our team of skiers and snowboarders are internationally certified and have plenty of experience teaching and of course, practising. We have our methodology that focuses on individual approach and personal feedback to each of our students. We never allow and form groups bigger than 6 people as we believe learning in larger groups is not as effective and it takes more time to make progress.

We do not welcome you in a soulless hotel and we are not bored instructors who are just taking another group. You are going to feel our bulgarian hospotality by staing in family houses build in traditional Rhodopean architecture. The atmosphere is cosy and natural making you feel as if you stayed with us for a long time. Everybody has access to the ‘mehana’ with an amazing fireplace where people can meet up to chat or have a rakia or a tea with honey (all home-made). We are also offering you to try our traditional cuisine featuring the world-famous yoghurt with wild blueberry jam, Snezhanka salad, Cheverme and many more.

We welcome you to feel at home and become our friend – a Snowcamper. Whether you are looking for an escape from the daily routine, engage into a trip into the unknown just for fun, whether you are alone or with friend/s, you can join us.