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Shiroka laka

The Village of Shiroka laka (Широка Лъка) is situated on the two sides of the Shiroka laka river at 1059 meters of height. The village is 24 km. away from town of Smolyan and 22 km.away from the town of Devin. Near the region, around 11 km the Bedenski mineral water source is originated. The famous Pamporovo resort is only 6 km. The climate is Continental with Mediterranean influence.
Thanks to its unique style, the village is part of the 100 national touristic sites, Bulgarian tourist union. The houses in Shiroka Luka are constructed in the typical architectural style of their time – with two floors, wooden staircase and small windows. Besides the houses mentioned above, Shiroka Luka is proud to have in close distance other sites which are also considered Cultural Monuments and are also considered national heritage:

  • Barrow necropolis with 6 barrows, area “Granny’s Water”
  • The Fortress in the area of “Turlata”
  • Wreckage from late Roman and early Byzantine village with basilica, near area “ St. Iliq”, village Gela
  • Gravestone Mogilla, near “White stone”, village Gela

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